Programs Used

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  • Moobot


    This bot is mainly used to change the game played and heading on the stream. it also has a number of other abilities, such as randomized Giveaways for the chat, an event log, manage chat, Polls, and Raffles. allows for Twitch Stream Commands, Fun Chat Games, and Custom Dashboard Follower Notifications.



This bot is used to reduce spam of different variations and to ban those that abuse the chat. there is a ton of other features that are offered with this bot. See what works for you!



This bot is used for the Currencies in the different Channels, Greeting Everyone that comes into the channel and betting games among other fun stuff.




1.4 i think. lots of cool new features. Required for modbot bot password.


This is almost the ultimate Bot. it controls the Currency Levels in the channel, you can update the game and Title, Regular typed in Commands and Timed Commands like Nightbot, Quotes, manage Giveaways,and one of my favorites, a SFX System. this allows you to add random songs or sound bytes to play when Custom Commands are typed in. all of this on top of allowing you to view chat and those in chat side by side.


we use this this page to keep track of everything. The App allows us to use a Chroma Key web image that we place in our Streaming Program to notify us of new Followers, Donations, Subs, and even Whos hosting our channel. There are also options using the same method of a Chroma Key to input Donation Goals, Current Top Donation, Recent Subs, Last Follower and so on. Overall, one of the best tools We have found to date.



Main Broadcasting Software that is used across our Network. Allows for tons of customized screens. You can add Multiple cameras, Microphones, Screens, Text overlays, .Png images of the game name your playing ( to have Game logo on screen and what System you’re on) and tons of other cool Features.



Basically, the Same as XSplit, but Bloody Expensive. Mainly used with its own line of equipment. Very Clean Ultra HD Quality. We only use it for Special Broadcasts because its abit tricky to get use to, not as straight forward as XSplit.



Freeware Live Streaming Software. Really clean, and doesn’t require a super nice Streaming PC to run. Can Run smooth on a Surface Pro.



Obvious reasons. Used to Make your own Custom Skins and such.



Used for Speed Running, and as a timer.



Again, Obvious reasons. Get Payed and receive donations.



This Extension for Google Chrome allows you to access to a set of tools for viewing Twitch better and Chroma keying the chat into your Broadcasts.




Screenshot / quick share screen image program.


Approved Music for Twitch Streams



  • Twitch Plays Setup


You Will need all of these programs to run this setup


Open Twitch Plays


this is your Key Component in making this work.


Twitch Chat Authorization code


This allows you to connect your Twitch Chat with the Next Program.




This allows you to connect to the other two programs.


HexChat to Twtich chat Setup


GBA Emulator


Gamboy Advanced Player.


Pokemon Randomizer


Used to randomize all Pokemon ROMs from Red to Black 2.




Automated Speedruns of Pokemon Red. Nuff Said…


Tutorial for Randomizer


Splits times Pokemon Red and Blue


Lua Emulators


Lua Editor


Pokemon SpeedRuns Lua’s


Twitch Troll Bot


Used to prevent Trolls in TPP.


Piglett- Learning AI


This AI learns the more it plays a GB or GBA game.





This allows you to map your usb controller to key strokes, and then show them on stream as you push the buttons!


VoiceMeeter: []

Use this to be able to record You, The Person(s) on Skype or Google Hangouts, and game Audio at the same time!


VB- Audio Virtual Cables: []

These are the Virtual Audio Cables that are required for VoiceMeeter to work, and it doesnt have that stupid “Trial” audio spamtrack playing in the back!



I wanted to Add a line for Social Media stuff that i use to ” Spread the Word” Faster about my Channel and grow bigger on social media faster!

On the Web ( Web sites)

This Fabulous “App” (ok, its a website), lets you create short clips of YOUR (or Who evers) Youtube Videos, to upload directly to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! ( Kinda like those that you see of bigger channels and companies have to grab attention on news feeds) currently This is free to sign up for, and it works like a charm! This is Currently pretty new, and doesn’t yet (fingers crossed) have an app yet for smart phone. but, they actually email you the video clips, links, directly to your device! All you need to do is save the clip, then upload it. Just make sure that you upload it to the app that you downloaded it for. Or else, it won’t look too pretty.

Its always nice to stop scrolling every once in a while and watch a quick video right?


This Section is for Mobile Apps!

Android ( Master Race)


  1. Crowdfire

Now, a lot can be said about this wonderful piece of work. Basically, this app allows you to make Posts to multiple apps at once. But that’s not all. It even lets you SCHEDULE posts in advanced! Up to 10 a day! And it does the math for you and posts at the “Best times throughout the day”. Apparently when it sees your followers are MOST active, and when you are usually posting. (so, if you aren’t posting a lot right off the bat on your stuff, its going to be a bit wonky starting like mine was) Now. The only BIG downside is that it only lets you post to Instagram and Twitter at the moment. I would love to see Facebook added to this and Google+ (i know i know, but its another big media outlet and it is useful) But i love this little bugger. you can view all the Followers and those that have unfollowed you on each, and quickly unfollow those that unfollow you.


One of the coolest things that i found with this app is that you can search for “Big Timers” like for instance, PewDiePie, in the “Copy Followers”  Tab, and Follow 50 or so off the top, an hour ( i think is the cap for the Free Version. There is an unlimited you can sub to in the app if you have the $25 to toss at it. but that is for Twitter only. and it lets you add 5 twitter accounts instead of the base 1) But Even if you do drop the cash, remember that there is a limit that Twitter and Instagram allow per hour. which does kinda defeat the point of an “Unlimited pass”

Either way, i use it to set up posts multiple days in advanced, about 5-7 times a day to auto post. I find that this helps grow pretty quick!

Just remember to keep unfollowing those that unfollowed you with in the last few hours, just to keep your social media in check.

( If you noticed, on every big time legit Youtuber or Celeb, they usually have under 800 people that they follow. So after you make it big, dont forget to clean up shop abit.)


2. Hootsuite

This one does pretty much the same as the last one on this list but adds more Social Medias to the mix, but has almost a corporate price tag on it… $15 per month or 12 months for $120. But, this does allow up to 50 Social Networks you can manage, Ad Free, Team Collaboration, and Pro Features online. So maybe if you go in with a partner on it, that would make it easier for just starting. 🙂

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