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Hey guys and Gals, i’m TheTherapyGamer. A Gaming Youtubers Twist on Massage Therapy.

Think for a moment, what would your life be like of you where fit and played games all day? I’m a Health Nut, that loves to play games, all kinds of games. Except COD. you will NEVER see COD on my Channel…. Unless i’m making fun of it.

I’ve Decided to shift my Focus to a specific Target Audience. My new content will be The usual Let’s Plays and Games, but i’m adding in Exercises/Nutrition FOR Youtubers/ Gamers, and people with a more sedentary life style.

Abit more about my Work –

I’m a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with 7 years of Practice behind me. I mainly do Sports and Auto Rehabilitation in the form of my own Personal Tecnique that i have been designing for the last 6 Years. The Technique is simply called ZenTec. Its a Combination of over 20 Types of Massage.
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